Working For the Lord

I finally have even more reason to give God praise and glory, with this new job I have, I can contribute back in a way uniquely mine. Of course there is my tithes and offerings to consider, but what in what other ways can I give back? Well for one I can be a witness through my actions to my coworkers. The way I talk and act should reflect what God has done in me through Christ. If I’m being an effective witness, I won’t have to put any extra effort into it because I’m already used to living life that way.

My work isn’t for the owner of that restaurant. It isn’t for the customers we will have. It is for God, so that others can come to know Him by seeing what He has done in me. Without Him, I am nothing and have nothing. Dear God, please work through me!

Day 10

The day was really good. Dylan had a great “party” of sorts, even though we all were working and busy doing things. Even though I wasn’t able to pray, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t talking to God. The day may not have gone like I wanted, but it did go and God was good. I almost broke my fast by accident, though. Birthday cake and a forgetful me are a bad combination. I’m trying to not think of myself as a failure, but only as being continuously tested. I pray that I’m passing.

Day 11

This day is pretty much like yesterday, except that I’m doing more talking to God. There is now a lot of ancillary cleaning to be done as a result of yesterday’s shed cleaning activities. Progress is being made and I hope to be done with most of the ancillary cleaning by tomorrow. After tomorrow, I’ll only have Sunday’s and Monday’s to do anything without being tired from work.