Words of Encouragement

Encouraging fellow believers is one of the most basic things that we as Christians need to be doing. Instead of tearing each other down over denominational differences (which I believe are of the enemy) or the color of the carpet (or any other trivial thing). God’s word is God’s word. His interpretation is the only interpretation we need or should ask for. When you find a church or fellow believers that encourage you — and not always with pretty words that make you feel good, but by lovingly convicting you of sin in your life and helping you to live closer to God — stay with it or them! Be encouraged by their words and actions and learn to follow in God’s will by doing the same when you are ready!

Day 7

It was another loss, not a complete one, but one none-the-less. That’s it for me, though. With the encouragement of my brothers and sisters, with God’s word today fresh in my mind I will not be defeated! I draw the line today and I will toe it and I just dare the enemy to cross it. I am a child of God and I will not be stymied in my efforts to draw closer to the Lord. This fast isn’t about eating healthier, it isn’t about starvation. It is about focusing on God so that He is all I see. All I think about. All I know. That would be perfection. That won’t happen in this life, I know, but that is what we all need to move toward when we fast.

Day 8

Today started out really good. Went to church to worship God, not out of any sort of need to perform ritual, not from any need to do what others are doing, and not even just out of obedience. I went to church to worship God because I wanted to make sure He knows I love Him and all He’s done for me. That is going to be my focus for the rest of the day, my love for Him.