Where Is Your Trust

People today place their trust in a lot of places. We find our trust being placed in money, cars, businesses, even our government; but where does our trust really belong? Our trust belongs in God, in whom all things are possible. The bible is rife with examples of what happens when you stop trusting in the Lord. He removes his blessings from you. This doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you, it’s just his way of letting you know that you have indeed rejected Him. Trust in God. Only He can provide what all those other things seem to promise.

Day 8

Sunday was beautiful, even if it was rainy. God moved in His house of worship. He moved in His people and His people are feeling it. I was able to spend more time with Him than I have been able to since about day 6 and I plan on ramping that up even more back to where it needs to be.

Day 9

It’s snowing! God is wonderful. He shows us every day that we still have a lot to learn. Today I’m bringing my bible with me as I go out looking for work. I know I’ll be able to spend time in the word with Him no matter where I am. Today I am fully seeking His blessings as I look for work. Praising God for His awesomeness and asking for Him to move in the lives of this country’s leaders. We need God to bless this nation like He did before. I ask that you all pray with me today that God’s will for this nation be done, regardless of what we might try and do to the contrary.