Editor’s Note: This was meant to be posted here before Scribd.

We live in a dark time in human history. At no other time has the extinction of humanity been so assured by our own hand. Between the crime of the murder of the born and unborn and rampant homosexuality – not forgetting groups like the Voluntary Human Extinction Project (the likes of Ingrid Newkirk of PETA fame counts herself a member) – I would imagine if aliens do exist, they are shaking their heads in disdain as we bring about our own ruin. Can we blame any one looking on for such disdain?

In times past, the penalty for those responsible for the death of the unborn was death for the responsible party. Now its popular to be disdainful of those who still see abortion for what it is: murder. When exactly did we stop being joyous at the prospect of a new life coming into the world? When exactly did human life become a commodity? When did the life of the unborn stop belonging to the growing child and transfer to the mother whom was blessed to be that child’s mother? What happened to the father’s input in the matter? Surely he has as much say as the mother. He did contribute 50% of the genetic material. Of course considering anything but the convenience of those left to care for this precious new life is anathema.

When it takes the courts to intervene because a child is threatened with physical harm if she doesn’t abort, we should take notice. When the courts let a woman go for murdering her newborn and classifying it as an abortion, we should take notice. When we feel that a pregnancy by a minor in our charge is more inconvenient then its worth, we should take a look at our moral compass and beg God for forgiveness and pray we haven’t reached the day of judgment for then it really is too late. Where is God in our lives when our actions speak of an irrepressible hate for all that He has created. Where is God when we say things like “gender reassignment surgery” are okay because someone thinks they were born the wrong gender? Where is God when we say He made a mistake in saying that marriage is only to be between one man and one woman?

Have we become so enamored with ourselves that we reject anything that looks like a moral and ethical absolute? I would say that with one look at the American politician and the things that have been allowed – both in practice and being taught as being alright – the answer is a resounding and depressing – yes. We value that which feels good over that which is truly good. We value selfishness over selflessness. We encourage greed over charity. We push vanity over contentedness. We take that which is already beautiful and make it perverse. We take life and destroy it – no matter what stage of life the person is at – deciding for them that its continued existence is too inconvenient for us. Yes, the death penalty is Biblical, but in a time when our form of “justice” is a perverse mockery of what was instituted how can any in good conscience advocate for such measures? Where is God in our justice when His very Commandments are stripped from the very rooms where we are most in need of a reminder that there are moral and ethical absolutes that none should dare to cross.

We are a society in need of our Creator yet it is He whom is so thoroughly rejected. There will be a day of judgment when all must answer for all they did. What will you be answerable for? More importantly, will you have someone on your side whom already has taken that blow for you?