More Love?

Sure, why not? If nothing else, God wants us to love (Him, ourselves, each other). If you have love, then you have the greatest gift of all (1 Cor 13:13). God meant for us to live in community, loving one another as brothers and sisters and even husband and wife (Genesis 2:24). What a great (and much maligned and abused) gift love is.

I Get It, Already!

Do you? I thought I did. There is more to it, though. Above all, we are to dedicate ourselves heart, mind and soul to God. If we do that, how is there anything left for others? Well, there isn’t. What happens, though, is that when we freely give ourselves over to God, He returns it all plus more! That’s how we have anything to give anyone else. The way I see it happening is like this:

  • We Give Our All To God
    • God gives it back plus more, but with tabs on what we are to do with it
      • Love ourselves
      • Love our neighbors as ourselves
      • Love our enemies
      • Love our families
        • Love our parents
        • Love our siblings
        • Love our spouses
        • Love our children
      • Love our friends
      • Love everyone else

That’s a lot of love. It’s a mind-boggling amount of love. It’s so much love that, on our own, we would never be able to love like that. Through Christ though, we have an over-abundance of love!

Are You in Love?

Indeed I am. I’m in love with God. He has every last bit I have to give. Just like He has every last bit of my body and soul. Every last bit is His. I’m fairly certain though that isn’t what you are asking. I did believe that God has given me a love for someone.

Wait, “Did believe”?

Yes, and here is the entire point of this post.

I am believing God to reveal to me the woman whom He has in mind for me to marry. I am trusting in God to reveal her to me when He says I am ready. I am trusting in God to lay on her heart the same love for me that He will give me for her. In talks with my pastor and the elders at my church, they say it’s possible that God readies one and then the other. I couldn’t tell you why. My response to any such questions will go along the lines of “His ways are not our ways, His ways are higher than our ways.” If Christ is sufficient (and even more than sufficient) in all things, than I am willing to accept that. But I also believe that we should not concern ourselves with anyone who will not love us like that in return. The love that God gives us for one person should not be used on another, but our focus should continuously be on God. If that person is not ready — or maybe it’s not even the person you think it is, being imperfect we can misunderstand what God says — than they are not ready. If it’s not for them, than don’t shed a tear. They are still brothers and sisters and we should love them fully and without reservation regardless.

Enjoy the time you have single. God can do mighty works through single people as well as married couples (look at the apostles and Paul, as far as I know, all were single, working fully for God, until they died). Keep giving your all to God and let Him bless you in His time. Let Him make the match. You’ll be happier in the end.