Universities As Bastions of Education

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Are they still the bastions of free thought and education they once were? Or are even public universities slowly being plowed into teaching only half the story? It seems the case these days as shown by the decision in the Julea Ward case where a person’s personal beliefs in a profession that is by definition highly personal (and her willingness to refer clients to another counselor if she can’t counsel them as needed) got her ejected from the university. Why? Because the ACA says that you can’t counsel a person in “Reparative Therapy” if that is what the person wants (reparative therapy, in the scope of homosexuality, is where the person seeks help in ridding themselves of unnatural homosexual desires). Yeah. The guidelines actually prohibit licensed counselors from engaging in such therapy even if the person wants such therapy.

They speak loudly to personal choice, but it’s only valid if it agrees with their views.

Great Christian Media Links

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First I’d like to start and thank Stacy L. Harp for the following recommendations (until noted otherwise). With a great sister such as herself, I wouldn’t have found the following two resources (there is a third I haven’t check out yet, but will soon do so and make another post about it in due time).

Both these pages are ran same guy, Woodrow Kroll. The first on is Back to the Bible, a Bible study pod cast. Each episode is around 25 minutes long and offers insights into the Bible you might not have otherwise had. Back to the Bible offers pod casts both in a/v and plain audio. The files are straight up MP3s and you only need a simple registration to sign up for the pod casts (not his policy, but the policy of the pod distributor). I signed up for his relatively quickly as I’m already registered for Mrs. Harp’s pod cast through the same place. I highly recommend a pod cast catcher such as Winamp or Juice.

The next one is also by Woodrow Kroll. Bible Minute with Woodrow Kroll is a daily Bible study that is short but thorough.

She has shared another resource with me but I haven’t had time to see if it’s something I would recommend.

My next Christian resource is Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram. This is a resource I discovered ages ago through my mentor at my church. Chip Ingram is a pastor at a church in California, taking his past sermons and bible studies and turning them into a daily (and a weekend only) pod cast with depth. While each pod cast is only about 30 minutes in length, it’s a good thing. He covers subjects in such depth and insight that 30 minutes a day is enough to get you started in studying scripture. A great addition to any morning devotional and bible study time you have set aside.

I actually found Mrs. Harp on Facebook through a mutual acquaintance of us both. Her podcast through Active Christian Media is very good in its scope. Basically its current events from a Christian perspective. It’s a great pod cast to listen to as she has a wonderful voice and a great amount of enthusiasm and joy that spills over to the listener. For a show that can on for up to an hour that’s a plus. So check out her pod cast page and her ministry web site (linked above).

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