Instant Messaging: Logs or No Logs

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I’ve been logging my instant messenger sessions for a number of years. Most people don’t have a problem with this, especially after I explain why I do it, which I will get to shortly. I generally do not have logs that actually go back very far. Currently I only have around two years worth of logs, most of which are inaccessible at the moment. I do have a few select logs that go back further, but I only keep those for historical purposes. A reminder of friends lost (not over this, just kind of drifted apart). All of this though is irregardless of the fact that I do keep them in the first place.

Why log chats?

That’s really, really simple. I have been more than once caught unawares by others where I, or someone else, was quoted as saying something that I don’t rightly remember. Because my memory is imperfect (even more so than the norm, I believe), I started keeping logs. I’ve never had much use to go back through them except to pick up conversations, if possible, where left off. In all that time, I’ve only been told I misquoted someone once. Unfortunately the log of that particular conversation is one of those that are currently unavailable (which really doesn’t matter, it would serve no purpose, really, to show who is right and wrong in this particular case).

That is the main reason I keep chat logs.

There are other reasons?

I also keep chat logs for a number or other reasons. URLs I haven’t visited yet but would like to, or just don’t feel like bookmarking. Information that is pertinent, but I don’t have the time to record elsewhere (such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.)

That’s all I do with them. 99% of the time I don’t even bother going to the directory where the logging takes place.

Doesn’t that take up a ton of room? What about modification?

I keep all logs in plain text files. Because they could be easily modified, they aren’t very useful as evidence, I would imagine (though there is the issue of easily accessible info such as date of creation and date of last modification). Currently, with just over a years worth of logs, only takes up 14.6MB on disk (actual size is around 5 MB, see this image).

Can you turn off logging for specific users?

I don’t know, but it’s definitely something to look into. I’ve had at least one person tell me that they felt that their privacy was violated and because I do keep logs, no longer wishes to IM me. I’m sorry that person feels that way, and I can look into selective non-logging of conversations, but I feel that keeping logs helps keep me safe, especially legally. I’ve already once been (wrongfully) accused of sexual harassment. I’ve already been threatened multiple times with the prospect of false accusations of several sorts. At least with my instant messengers, I can help to mitigate such threats and protect myself in the event that such a threat actually materializes.

Don’t want me logging my conversations with you? If I know you well enough, I will have no problem at the very least going through on a regular basis and deleting your specific log files from my computer. If that’s not satisfactory, well, I’m sorry. Then you should also know I keep all my emails (as well as I can), both sent and received. Some I keep for the same reasons I log chats, others I keep because it reminds me of something that really made me smile.

It only takes me not keeping logs once with the wrong person to put my butt in the sling. I’d rather this not put a crimp on any of my friendships or acquaintanceship, but I cannot reasonably see me not doing so at all for at least the foreseeable future.

If this makes you uncomfortable, I truly am sorry.


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I’ve experienced many things in my life. Love, heartbreak, sex, drugs, alcohol, rock and roll. Never have really lead to anything lasting or truly enjoyable. I’ve always been left wanting more. Never have they wound up with me enjoying myself. Sure, the temporary pleasure provided in all those things (aside from heartbreak, that’s never pleasurable unless you’re a masochist) was nice at the time. Some things lasted longer than others. None of it, though, compares to the lasting power of God’s love and healing upon those who call upon His name. None of it compares to the joy derived in serving in His name. None of it compares to the pleasure achieved by knowing He’s using us to complete His will on Earth, even though He doesn’t need us.

What a powerful testimony that is. To be used by the Living God, the Only God, to be a light to the world. Your every step a witness to what He has done in your life. The healing, the blessings, the love. Especially the love. God’s love is boundless. Endless. Yes, endless. We’re told in 1 Corinthians 13:8-10 that the only thing that won’t end is Love. God’s perfect and holy love which is showered upon His children when they stop being petulant, selfish, egotistical, and in general stupid and turn to Him for guidance and accepting His will for their lives. I like to think He loves us even then, though as any loving Father, He is not afraid to chastise us when we do wrong (which is quite the opposite view starting to dominate the world today, which says that children should never be punished, especially by spanking).

When we turn to God, when we live for Him, He delights in us. We might not ever be rich or have a ton of worldly things, but who wants moth-eaten, rust-ridden rubbish anyway?

God’s healing touch is an expression of His love for His children. To receive it is relatively easy, too (seeing as how Christ did all the hard work when He died on the cross).
Romans 10:8-10 (NKJV)
But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

See, easy. The next part, is kind of hard. You absolutely must mean it. God will know if you’re sincere. And if you’ve already been given salvation and have backslid? That’s okay too. Just give your life back to God. Make things right in your life with Him, whatever that takes. You won’t regret it, because the Healing that flows from the hands and mouth of God is the best feeling there ever was, and it will last an eternity.


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I Am Free


Watch the video and then read on.

Shackles Freed

Right now I am so humbled and I don’t say that as a means of boasting but I say it in shame. Right now I feel both 2 ft tall and made of fail and a million miles tall and made of epic win (sorry for the slang, if you can phrase it better, leave a comment).

Are you going to tell us what’s up

Not in details. Those who know, know; those who don’t, just praise God (not that He doesn’t deserve it any other time). I will say that I’ve been bound in hurt and, if I’m truthful, just a bit of jealousy (but I’ll only admit to a bit) and today I feel as if God has just set me free. Prayers answered, to God be the glory.

While I have many, many things to be thankful for and while I know where I could begin the list, I will never be able to find the end of it. For every new day, for every healing (spiritual, emotional, and physical), for every removal of the scars of past sin and for the beauty of another friend kept.

Life is about adjustments, while God is unchanging we change, sometimes daily.

I’m just rambling so I’ll shut up and leave you with some good verses.

Joshua 1:9
Psalm 37:5-6

Does It Never End?

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What? Not Again?!

Yes, Again

I think it behooves me to explain what I feel the grounding principle for me is with regards to relationships. I just shared it tonight in this Audio Verse of the Day post (I know I generally refrain from using them for anything but ministry, but this is important).

I believe that without a 100% biblical, God-centered grounding, any relationship that does succeed, does so out of sheer stubbornness. I will not be in a relationship where God isn’t the 100% priority. A good friend of mine recently mentioned to me something that is completely 100% true (and it’s not the first time someone has mentioned it to me, amusingly enough). A woman should be so lost in God that a man has to seek God to find her.

I enjoy spending time with Carla, and would like to see if we can have a relationship, but not without God at the center. It is an absolute minimum requirement that I will not and cannot compromise on. I’m sure Carla will read this, but I hope we can talk about this before anything gets decided or said. I really have enjoyed our time together these past two dates and would like to continue them if possible, God willing.

How Do You Know God Wants You To Marry?

Genesis 2:18-25

Twists and Turns

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Oh No, Not Relationships Again

Oh Yes, Relationships Again

God has definitely got a mysterious way of dealing with things. I’m kind of glad, though, that I can’t see the bigger picture like He can. Otherwise there would be no need for faith. Where God closes one door, He does open another, that I guarantee. We might not always like what He’s doing, but we can bank on Romans 8:28 (NKJV) in this case:

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

So patience, prayer, and loving-kindness toward one other shouldn’t fail, even when we feel let down, hurt, or treated in a way we think unfair. Let adversity strengthen our faith, because He is there and there is a purpose to everything that happens (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). I’m just thankful for the time we get to spend one another, and while it hurts when it ends in a bad way, at least we can wake up in the morning (if we’re so blessed) and praise God for another beautiful day.

And out of all that has happened over the past year, I still look back fondly on the good times and eventually — if there was no lesson to be learned — forget the bad.

School and Side Projects

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Projects and Such

It’s funny. I’m in school studying to be an electrician and the side jobs I’m doing (either for fun or to help out brothers and sisters) have all been electronics related. I guess there isn’t much call for the replacement of wall outlets and light switches. Soon, I hope, that will change. I really need to start making some money. Now if I can avoid ruining what I’m supposed to be fixing, I’ll be doing good.

School Itself

I’m doing pretty good there, I’ve been working hard and just about every day all day long. Sometimes I do goof off, but my hard work has given me the time to do so, though even then I’m generally watching what someone else is doing or asking questions. There is no need for me to do poorly in school when I have a classroom full of people working on the exact same thing as I am all day long. I’m even helping one of my classmates on a regular basis. Most of what I’m doing is explaining things to him to help him out as he can do the work. He just over thinks things sometimes (just like I do).

Aside from that I’ve not really been doing much. Staying busy with God and church-related activities is about it. I’ve started looking for work again, though. I need a job. It’s hurting me in areas not directly related to finances. I hate feeling like I’m bowing to the world’s standard in this area (one that I believe should be purely God-led), but I’m left feeling like I have no choice what-so-ever.

I know I need a job regardless. That’s not the issue, though. God will continue to provide as long as I am faithful. He’ll provide everything I need. I just don’t know what else to do. If you’re reading this, are a believer in God and know Christ as your Lord and Savior and believe in the power of prayer, please pray with me over this.

Heavenly Father, you know why I am coming boldly before your throne and am humbly asking you to help me find work. I know that work is only so I can survive in this world and to provide for myself and the spouse I am believing you for, but I need a job. I need to be working, God. It’s a stumbling block for some. I only see its importance in being able to better serve You. You have provided for me to study to become an electrician, to work with my hands providing people with Your creation, one that even to this day we don’t have a complete understanding of why it does the things it does and also opening up opportunities to witness to Your awesomeness and tell others what You have done for me and that You can and want to do similar to others. That’s all I see a job as being for, but I pray that you remove this stumbling block from my life. I cannot do it on my own. For Your glory and Your praise, I ask this all in Jesus’ name, amen.

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