What? Not Again?!

Yes, Again

I think it behooves me to explain what I feel the grounding principle for me is with regards to relationships. I just shared it tonight in this Audio Verse of the Day post (I know I generally refrain from using them for anything but ministry, but this is important).

I believe that without a 100% biblical, God-centered grounding, any relationship that does succeed, does so out of sheer stubbornness. I will not be in a relationship where God isn’t the 100% priority. A good friend of mine recently mentioned to me something that is completely 100% true (and it’s not the first time someone has mentioned it to me, amusingly enough). A woman should be so lost in God that a man has to seek God to find her.

I enjoy spending time with Carla, and would like to see if we can have a relationship, but not without God at the center. It is an absolute minimum requirement that I will not and cannot compromise on. I’m sure Carla will read this, but I hope we can talk about this before anything gets decided or said. I really have enjoyed our time together these past two dates and would like to continue them if possible, God willing.

How Do You Know God Wants You To Marry?

Genesis 2:18-25