Updated Look, Somewhat Updated Name

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Seriously? That’s the best name you can come up with?

I never claimed to be original or overly creative. When I get married and my wife and I start a family, I’ll probably pull out the bible and start pulling names from there (except for Ahab, that’s a pirates name, Arrr!). Anyway.

Interesting Look

I thought so too, thanks for saying so. (:

Hopefully I’ll have more posts to put here soon. We’ll see, though.

Time For Updates

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Long Time No Post

Where Have I Been?

Sorry about that, but between church, school, construction projects and the like, I really haven’t found a need to post except for the few scattered updates, as you can imagine, this too is an update post and not really bloggy (I just coined that, as far as I know, so please give proper credit :p).

Updates to Announce

I will be re-branding this blog in the near future. It will no longer be Ameliorations 1.5. I am still changing, and this was the version 1.5 of my Ameliorations’ blogs, but it’s a new season (figuratively speaking) in my life and it’s time for some actual change. I haven’t decided on a new title for this blog, but it will still be personal and include updates from me on a variety of subjects that pique my interest (from what I’ve learned as I’m studying to be an electrician to what God has given me to share with you and everything in between).

In addition to the renaming of the blog, will come a new look and feel (e.g. a new theme). I’ll probably spend a lot of time switching out themes, though, as I’m really picky about the look and feel of the blog. I will also probably start adding affiliate links (and they will be clearly labeled as such), too. This is something I’ve prayed about and feel like it would be a good move. Since they will be clearly labeled, and I will not be doing any sort of paid-postings (like PayPerPost/Izea does), I don’t feel like this would alienate readers nor take away from the message I present.


Well, that’s it for this update. See you on the flip-side. (:

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