The Scene

Mom wants to eat out at a fast-food place so someone else (outside of the house) can cook and clean. No big deal. She even took Dylan. She asked where we want to go. Dylan and I wanted Burger King (I was drooling for a king-sized triple whopper meal, Dylan for chicken nuggets) and dad wanted Hardee’s, so after much debate, Dylan and I were overruled. No biggie, I enjoy Hardee’s as they generally have the same level of service as anywhere else and good quality food, so to Hardee’s we went!

The Order

We should have been warned as customers stormed out cursing about a 15-minute wait and the unswept floors both behind and in front of the counter (and all around the store, really). We persevered, though, because we thought the service would be decent. It wasn’t.

The Wait

We waited about 15-20 minutes for our meal. Fries and onion rings were cold. The burger was kind of hot, you could at least tell it had been recently cooked. The chicken tenders were the hottest, freshest part of anyone’s order (dad and Dylan had chicken tenders; dad in a adults meal, Dylan in a kids meal).

Mom and I decided we weren’t hungry and were going to split another order (not something we do anywhere else, for what it’s worth). Another 20 minute wait. At least 10 of it because someone couldn’t look straight ahead when told to look straight ahead (looking to the right does not qualify). At least one of the people were pulling their first shift. I can forgive them that. The rest? They all acted like it was their first. I was so tempted to tell the shift-leader to make me all legal to work behind the counter and go in and get things humming. I probably would have ate sooner had I done so but I didn’t even try so whatever (not that I’m perfect, but by golly even the shift leader was acting the part of a n00b). At least everyone was polite. I guess that’s something.

During all this you could look around and without even trying to look for messes you could see them. Pick them out from across the store even. And looking behind the counter? It looked as if a salad exploded on the floor 2 shifts ago and no one swept it up. Hardee’s in McMinnville, TN I am never eating at the location again. EVER. Either get a new franchisee, new management, or shut it down. It’s a blight on the good name of at least your Murfreesboro store (the one on 70s).

Messy. Slow. Cold (the food at least). I give it two out of 5 stars (and those two only because of the politeness of the employees and the accuracy of the order) and that’s being generous.