Projects and Such

It’s funny. I’m in school studying to be an electrician and the side jobs I’m doing (either for fun or to help out brothers and sisters) have all been electronics related. I guess there isn’t much call for the replacement of wall outlets and light switches. Soon, I hope, that will change. I really need to start making some money. Now if I can avoid ruining what I’m supposed to be fixing, I’ll be doing good.

School Itself

I’m doing pretty good there, I’ve been working hard and just about every day all day long. Sometimes I do goof off, but my hard work has given me the time to do so, though even then I’m generally watching what someone else is doing or asking questions. There is no need for me to do poorly in school when I have a classroom full of people working on the exact same thing as I am all day long. I’m even helping one of my classmates on a regular basis. Most of what I’m doing is explaining things to him to help him out as he can do the work. He just over thinks things sometimes (just like I do).

Aside from that I’ve not really been doing much. Staying busy with God and church-related activities is about it. I’ve started looking for work again, though. I need a job. It’s hurting me in areas not directly related to finances. I hate feeling like I’m bowing to the world’s standard in this area (one that I believe should be purely God-led), but I’m left feeling like I have no choice what-so-ever.

I know I need a job regardless. That’s not the issue, though. God will continue to provide as long as I am faithful. He’ll provide everything I need. I just don’t know what else to do. If you’re reading this, are a believer in God and know Christ as your Lord and Savior and believe in the power of prayer, please pray with me over this.

Heavenly Father, you know why I am coming boldly before your throne and am humbly asking you to help me find work. I know that work is only so I can survive in this world and to provide for myself and the spouse I am believing you for, but I need a job. I need to be working, God. It’s a stumbling block for some. I only see its importance in being able to better serve You. You have provided for me to study to become an electrician, to work with my hands providing people with Your creation, one that even to this day we don’t have a complete understanding of why it does the things it does and also opening up opportunities to witness to Your awesomeness and tell others what You have done for me and that You can and want to do similar to others. That’s all I see a job as being for, but I pray that you remove this stumbling block from my life. I cannot do it on my own. For Your glory and Your praise, I ask this all in Jesus’ name, amen.