I Am Free


Watch the video and then read on.

Shackles Freed

Right now I am so humbled and I don’t say that as a means of boasting but I say it in shame. Right now I feel both 2 ft tall and made of fail and a million miles tall and made of epic win (sorry for the slang, if you can phrase it better, leave a comment).

Are you going to tell us what’s up

Not in details. Those who know, know; those who don’t, just praise God (not that He doesn’t deserve it any other time). I will say that I’ve been bound in hurt and, if I’m truthful, just a bit of jealousy (but I’ll only admit to a bit) and today I feel as if God has just set me free. Prayers answered, to God be the glory.

While I have many, many things to be thankful for and while I know where I could begin the list, I will never be able to find the end of it. For every new day, for every healing (spiritual, emotional, and physical), for every removal of the scars of past sin and for the beauty of another friend kept.

Life is about adjustments, while God is unchanging we change, sometimes daily.

I’m just rambling so I’ll shut up and leave you with some good verses.

Joshua 1:9
Psalm 37:5-6