Dare to Praise God

As Christians, we have so much to be thankful for aside from the very important event that defines us. Christ’s death on the cross. The perfect blood sacrifice offered up for all of our sake. Not only has God chosen us, but we have accepted His will in our lives. Yes, we still have our struggles and they are all important to God as long as we keep Him the center of our lives, but what about giving Him our praise? Do we just do that during Sunday morning worship? Or do we (and should we) give Him praise without ceasing.

Did you just get a job that you’ve been praying for? Where is His praise when you tell all your friends and relatives about the job? Did you just get the raise that you’ve been praying about? Did you praise God after you received that raise? How about the spouse that you’ve been praying for God to bring to you? Have you praised Him for bringing that person into your life?

Today God has answered one of the things I’ve been praying for not just since this fast began, but since I came to know Him the way I know Him today. Here is my song of praise. I’m shouting it from the mountaintop to the bottom of the valley and from sea-to-shining-sea.

Dear God,

You have given me so much in my life. From the littlest trinket to the greatest of Your blessings. I know you have so much more to give as long as I remain faithful. Dear God, I don’t know how I lived without You, and now that You are part of my life I will never leave.

Love Always,


Day 9

The day ended really good. I was able to study in the word for longer than I have for the last couple of days. I am praising God for that. He gave me the boldness to just go ahead and spend that time in the Word and He took care of everything else.

Day 10

Just under halfway through the fast and God is still answering prayers! Today I received a job from Him. I start at a new restaurant in town Friday morning at 4 am. Just when I’m desperate enough to leave it in His hands completely, He delivers just when I need it most. Praise God! I am still seeking His guidance and direction in the other areas that I’m praying about.