Trusting in the Lord

I know I’ve talked about trust before, but in these posts I try to write as the Spirit leads.

So much of our lives deal with trust and relationships and the two are intertwined even further. We trust our banks to do good with our money. We trust the gas station not to water down our fuel with impurities. We trust the grocery store to not sell out-of-date or rotten food. Because we are dealing with people, though, sometimes that trust is broken. We find out that the bank has been misrepresenting itself and has been mishandling our money, sometimes even completely losing it. Sometimes we find out that the gas station is putting water or other harmful additives to our fuel to save a buck. Sometimes we find out the food we just bought from the high-dollar grocery store is two months out of date.

Even with all of that we still use banks, we still buy gas, we still go to the grocery store to buy food. Seems it’s easy to trust, and even retrust if it has been broken before, human institutions. Then why is it so hard for us to trust in God? Is it because we can’t see how He works? Yet you don’t see how the bank handles your money, you don’t see how the gas station owner treats his/her fuel and if his/her storage tanks are up to spec to prevent in- or out-seeping, and you generally don’t see how the food is handled or how long its stored for at the grocery store before buying it. How can we continue to have such a huge amount of faith in human institutions and so little (or even absolutely none) in God?

God has never broken His word, He has never condemned the faithful and innocent, He has never done anything to us we, as a sinful world, didn’t deserve. Yet He has given us blessings beyond counting! Look at this perfect world we live in. In all the known universe we still haven’t found another planet that is just right for life. Yet here we are on a planet that is just the right size, just the right distance away from our star (Sol), with just the right rotational period and orbit around the sun. Our atmosphere is made up of just the right amount of gases to enable us (and the rest of creation) to breathe. Just the right sort of liquid chemical (H2O) to provide for all our liquid needs (drink, cleansing, food growing, and even animals and plants that live in the water to provide us food). Yet there are those who don’t even believe in Him, much less trust Him. How much greater is God than our banks and gas stations and grocery stores?

In Matthew 6:25-30 Christ not only admonishes us to not worry about things in this life, but also to trust in God. If God can provide for the animals and plants and the rest of creation and they don’t even have the slightest inkling as to who He is, how much greater is it for us, who can know Him and be in fellowship with Him, to place our trust in Him who has provided for everything else? Will He not also provide for us, His greatest and most precious creation (Genesis 1:26-28)?

For my part, I aim to continue trusting in Him more and in man less. Man is fallible, and without Christ full of sin and rebellion. God is infallible and holy and righteous. It’s really a non-choice. If I’m willing to give more money for “purer”, higher quality food, why shouldn’t I be willing to give God the ultimate sacrifice? Trust in the Lord your God, for He is just and holy.

Day 11

Yesterday ended in an awesome note with a great prayer service. We had an awesome word from God through our pastor and than proceeded to seek God’s guidance in prayer over a variety of subjects that affect this local congregation. Pray with us as we seek God to raise up leaders and volunteers for the various ministries that He has called us to perform in our community. We are trusting in God for his provision, will you trust Him with us?

Day 12

Wow! Today is an awesome day already! With a beautiful morning and a desire to dig into scripture today that is burning in me that I cannot restrain to start off the day with, I cannot see anything going wrong today as long as I give God the fullest trust I can muster. I am only perfect in Christ’s cleansing blood, His crimson flow to wash me white as snow. With it I have no sin, in Him I live again!