Recipe of the Day

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Something I want to do during these next few weeks is to share my recipes with you. Each day you will get my favorite recipe for that day, starting today.

Simple Fried Cabbage
Cabbage, eighths, and the eighth’s in half
White vinegar
One small onion, julienned

Cook in a lightly oiled (EVOO) cast iron skillet, put salt and pepper on the bottom of the pan.

Place in as much cabbage and onion as the skillet will hold. saute on medium-low to medium heat with no more than one-eighth cup vinegar until tender.


Fasting Days 3 & 4

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Fasting With Style

In Matthew 6, when Christ tells us how to fast when we fast, he tells us to fast in secret and to put on a normal face, bathe ourselves and to wear decent clothing. Though he’s talking about personal fasting in this instance (especially about doing so in secret), all the precepts apply to corporate fasting. Don’t tell others you are fasting (though I guess I and pastor are, but we are sharing our experiences fasting more then we are bragging about it). Don’t put on a sad countenance. Don’t wear dirty clothes. Don’t not bathe. Don’t make people question you as to why you look the way you do. The whole point of fasting is to draw closer to God, not gain man’s approval.

My mom has been rolling her eyes at me because I’m fasting (I let her and my family know because I do live at home with them and they are going to question my changed eating habits). She just doesn’t get it. She thinks this is something I’m doing on my own and not as something to get closer to God (something else she seems to not approve 100% of, not sure why). She actually told me last night that this is only going to last until this Sunday. Can you imagine that? Telling God that His provision for me will last only until Sunday. I say telling God because I know she wasn’t talking to me. I wouldn’t have made it these 4 (this being the 4th) days if it wasn’t for His provision and grace in my life. Perhaps this is something I can use to witness to her and help her understand just what’s happened (and is happening) in my life.

Day 3

I spent a good deal of time yesterday not just rereading and studying Ephesians — though it’s looking as if I’ll be in it the rest of this fast — but I had some good God moments where I got to talk to Him and, most importantly, listen to Him. A lot of the verses, posts from Christians, and blog entries by Christians that He’s been putting before me are dealing with a very specific aspect of interpersonal relationships. While He’s using Ephesians to remind me of how He chose me even before I was born, He’s also using others around me and the rest of scripture to prepare me to be the Godly spouse He wants me to be.

Yes, I said spouse. Whatever God is getting ready to do in my personal life, I believe it is indeed leading up to marriage. I also believe He has shown me how He wants me to go about beginning this relationship. There is no other way to explain it. He is making sure I am a Godly mate before he fully reveals His choice in spouse for me. I only pray that I continue to be obedient to His will in this and other aspects of my life.

Day 4

As I begin day 4, I start off by staring at two oranges, a banana, and a glass of good, high pulp, nothing-but-oranges orange juice. I know God will continue to provide for me as long as I remain faithful. I am going to get more into the word today as I’m very excited as to what God has to show me. Perhaps at the end of this I will make public a copy of the notes from my study of Ephesians during this time.

God is already moving and revealing and it’s only been 3 days! I can hardly wait to see what the next 18 bring!

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