Fasting isn’t just about spiritual renewal. It’s about drawing closer to God then you were before. As one of the three disciplines outlined by Christ that every Christian should follow, we should all be fasting when we feel the need to draw even closer to God. Of course don’t expect nothing to happen. If you are honest in your reasons for fasting and honest and steadfast in your fast, God will pour out into you. Be prepared for it! It can be overwhelming. Just don’t forget to give God the glory and praise. Even if your fast shows you His will and it’s opposite what you were wanting, praise Him! If you’re honest to yourself, you’ll accept that apparent negative revelation to your need. Live in God’s will and not your own.

Day 5

Day 5 finished out without any new revelation, but I’m still pressing forward because it is after all only the 5th day. I’m still feeling closer to God then I ever have before and that in and of itself is reward enough. I’m still studying the word as He is still drawing me to Ephesians. I’m having to really rely on God to keep me from temptation with the food aspect of it now. I’m starting to really miss milk and meat and bread. The sacrifice is worth it, though. A closer relationship to God is worth any sacrifice and every effort.

Day 6

Still having issues with missing food. I’m trying not to eat too much as I’m on a very limited budget and still have two more weeks to go starting Sunday (the 21st). Today I haven’t been in the word as much as I’ve been reflecting on God and what He has revealed to me thus far. I’m also seeing people come back into my life that I thought I would never see or hear from again and some of that started even before I started fasting! I do believe this to be an ongoing thing with God as I learn to be a better Christian, but certain people I’ve looked for before and have only just now found even though they’ve been there the entire time.

I do believe God will restore friendships if both people haven’t hardened their hearts to each other. So who knows. Perhaps I’ll start finding even more folks I used to know.

As I continue on into day 6 and get ready for day 7, I am going to remain faithful no matter what happens. God has already done so much when I was only a little willing to let him move in my life, how much more can He do as I continue to open my life to Him and put aside my own wants and needs.

My personal prayer for today is one of praise and thanks. I have nothing else to ask of God. So much He has already done for me, what else can I ask for? Perhaps God has already even revealed to me the job He wants for me and I’m just being obtuse because I’m not believing it fully. I hope not, I hate being obtuse (I’m fairly partial to oviod, though).