Fasting Isn’t For Everyone

As I enter my third day of fasting, I am continually thankful that God has continued to protect me and provide for my every need. I look around me and see that fasting isn’t for everyone, especially if you have a medical condition you need to talk to your physician before beginning any fast. While we trust in the Lord for protection, He has provided us with healers who have a knowledge about what is and isn’t good for our bodies. For some people fasting just isn’t possible, at least not a food fast. For those people, I recommend giving up something else that gets more attention than God, then give that time to God. For those people it might be Internet, or it could be TV, or it could be any number of other things that this world presents us with that isn’t God-centric.

Day 2

Yesterday was a beautiful, if clammy, day. Woke up praising God for his wonderful protection and provision. One thing really stood out to me, though. As I was going through looking for bible study material for a friend and I, one book really moved my heart. For some reason God is calling my attention and my heart to Ephesians. So after my bible study, and after spending time with my nephew and really thanking God for just everything, I read Ephesians. I didn’t pay any attention to the footnotes (I have there study bibles, chock full of footnotes) or any of the other extraneous pieces. I just focused on God’s word through Paul and went to bed with those words in my heart. When God speaks, we need to listen.

Day 3

As I begin day 3 and get ready to end the first stage of my fast, I already know where I’ll be focusing in on the word. God is drawing me to Ephesians. He has a message for me there. I just need to be diligent in prayer seeking His wisdom as I study Ephesians today instead of just reading it.

God respects doing any of the three disciplines (and we are called to do all three) as long as you go into it with the right focus. Don’t give just because others will give you praise. Don’t pray because others will look favorably upon you. Don’t fast just because it’s a good diet. Give to receive God’s blessing, pray for His insight, and fast for His fellowship.

Here’s looking forward to all that God has to offer!