It has been over two years since I last posted a blog entry here. Life has been busy (and I’ve been rather lazy, so there’s that). Since the last time I posted an entry I’ve pretty much given up being an electrician. My left arm and hand just won’t allow for that type of work anymore, however I have gone back to school and am studying for CompTIA’s A+, Network+, Sec+ and Linux+ certifications and the MS 70-680, though I do believe I may specialize in Linux system administration.

My lovely wife and I discovered we were going to have a child this past November and she was born (a bit early) on 30 June 2018 @ 1420h CDT. You can go visit my Facebook page for pictures if you’d like.

I’m actually here to chat a bit about the latter, in case you’re wondering.

I honestly never thought I’d be a father, not via the natural method anyway. My wife and I had often talked about adoption, especially since only 7 months or so into our marriage I had been diagnosed with cancer a second time. I thought for sure at that point that any possibility of me fathering a child was nil, coupled with my wife’s own health issues I couldn’t imagine us having a family naturally, not that we were against adoption and foster care. In fact, after I finished treatment and surgery for my second cancer, adopting and fostering became a frequent topic of family planning conversation, though having our own child was also discussed, mainly we came back to the conclusion that if that were to happen, it would be by a miracle of G-d Himself. We always believed He was capable of it, and that it would be in His own timing, I at least began to expect it less and less and was unwilling to discuss our own child in that regard less and less. To be honest, it was almost becoming a sore point with me, to the point where I didn’t even like discussing any kind of child having/raising. That coupled with the steady march of time, I allowed myself to start growing cold to the idea of having any children. When we discovered for sure that my wife was pregnant, instead of being just filled with joy, instead I was filled with an uncertainty. Here I was, nearly 40 when we discovered my wife was pregnant (I celebrated my 40th on the 19th of May, a full month before she was born, and nearly two months before she was expected), unsure if I could provide for my family. I was both thrilled and fearful at the same time. Now that she’s here, though, while I’m still uncertain of what the future will hold, all I feel is a joy that I didn’t know I could still feel. A warming of my heart that was starting to grow cold to the idea of having children of any sort (our own or adopted/fostered), and a renewed faith in the G-d who can, will, and still does when it suits His purpose best.

I am blessed beyond measure. Over 7 years ago G-d (re-)introduced me to the woman He had chosen as my wife, and just 3 days ago He introduced me to my daughter, Rebecca Rose. I know the road ahead will be long, hard, and full of ups and downs, but it will always be filled with love and constant reminders of just how much our Father in heaven loves us and remembers us. He gave Abraham and Sarah their child when they were well past any sort of prime age for parenting. At not even half of their age, I think we’ll do just fine. We’re both blessed by immediate family and friends who are willing and able to aid us as and when we need it. We just need to keep marching forward in faith and unity.