Since I’ve wrote my last blog post, I have really dug in and sought after God. I knew I was off on a wrong tangent and that I needed my course corrected. It isn’t always easy to admit that we’re going about things in the wrong way, or that we’re seeking after the wrong things, but once we do it is oh so refreshing to hear from the Almighty Living God. I praise Him everyday for the things He has shown me. I praise Him for the love He gives me. I praise Him everyday for all the blessings He has bestowed on me. I am proud to say that I truly serve the One and Only Living God of the universe. If you don’t already know Him, I encourage you to not lose a moment’s time. Seek Him out in prayer. Seek Him out in Scripture. Don’t let yourselves get sidetracked by men and women who seek only to deceive and distract you from the truth.

Don’t let promises of an easy life or great riches catch your eye. God never promised an easy life and definitely did not promise riches – at least not in this world. He promised persecution and condemnation for standing up for the Truth, but He also promises that His yoke will be lighter than anything we can carry because all we need to carry is our daily cross. He can, will, and does take care of anything else – but only if we let Him.