There is a call for each and every Christian, and it is not of mediocrity. It isn’t of material, worldly wealth. It isn’t to feel good about oneself. it isn’t even about a long, healthy life. Anyone who tells you it is is flat out lying to you. God does not care about the so-called American Dream. God does not care about making you wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice (Matthew 19:16-30). He does care about your soul. He cares about molding you in a way that allows you and Him to walk as closely and intimately as possible.

There is no two ways about it, either. Christ made it very clear while He was on earth that one cannot serve both mammon and God (Matthew 6:24). You cannot serve money and God (Matthew 6:19-21). You cannot serve the world and God. It’s one or the other. Black or white. Dark or light. Hell or Heaven. He went so far as to even tell us not to worry about clothing or food (Matthew 6:25). Yet what do most American Christian’s worry about? Food. Money. Clothing. Status. The Jones’. Where does it all stop? Sure it’s nice to have nice things. I enjoy having clothes that fit and look nice. I enjoy eating good food and living in comfort. Yet for all the people in the U.S. who are better off than I am, I still am in something like the top 10% to 5% of people in the world who can count those as things I take for advantage.

In Acts we find brand new Christians so radically sold out that they, without any prompting from man, sell everything and lay the proceeds at the feet of the apostles so that all may be taken care of. When’s the last time you saw someone who went up to the alter, give their life to Christ, and then sell everything and give to those in need – starting with our Brothers and Sisters and moving on to others – without even a second thought? I’ve never seen it nor have I heard of it happening in my 33 years of life (by the way, if I was Christ I’d have been hung from a cross several months ago yet who am I to live on this earth longer than He who saved me from an eternal death?). I’ve not read about it except in the Bible. Surely it’s happened somewhere? Right?

Well I don’t own a home, a car, or much of anything except some clothes, a few electronics (5+ year old computers I probably couldn’t give away much less sell), and debt up to my ears. What’s a man to do? He’s to be totally, radically, forever sold out to Christ. The best I can say for myself is that I’m working on it. I’m part of a great house church. I have a wonderful, God-fearing wife. I have wonderful, God-fearing friends/family. I know where I can go to be fed. I know where I can go to receive instruction. I know where I can go for counsel. Friendship. Love.

Spiritual growth and maturity are part of the process of becoming radically sold out. You cannot become off-the-wall-nuts for Christ without growing spiritually. It just won’t happen. Sure you start off on the milk, but once you’re done with the milk that’s it! I know of at least twice in the NT letters the author has to rebuke the audience for not growing spiritually! God takes His Word, and His call to us, very seriously. It’s time we did to and put away these so-called preachers that only offer worldly blessings.

The world – and it’s so-called blessings – will allow you to go straight to Hell without a second thought. God, on the other hand, died so we wouldn’t have to. Don’t be a Laodecean (Revelation 3:14-22). Don’t hunker the fence to try and get the best of both worlds. You can’t have the best of both worlds. It’s either an eternal lake of fire (Revelation 20:15) or eternity with God. Get prayed up, get a good foundation in His Word, and don’t just expect a “Get Out of Hell Free” card. This isn’t Monopoly. This is for keeps. This is for real.