Starting tomorrow the Bridges of Hope corporate fast begins (for more information, check out Pastor Howard’s blog). I remember last year deciding what I’m going to fast over was easy. There were things I wanted to hear from God on and hear from Him clearly. For me that’s what fasting is all about. Needing a word from God and needing to be able to hear it clearly. Since fasting is about drawing closer to God, that “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:11-12) becomes a lot clearer when you are emptied of yourself and the things of this world and are full of the Living God.

This year, however, looking for a focus was hard. After all, I’ve been extremely blessed with friendships, the start of a beautiful relationship with my girlfriend, entering school to learn a trade, and other blessings way too numerous to count. I’ve learned a lot about what God’s will tends to look like and what happens when we try to place ourselves in front of God. I’ve learned about faith, prayer, selfless giving, God’s love for us and why regular prayer, fasting, and giving are so important.

I believe that as of today, I have a firm focus for my fasting (which I will not share at this time, if at all) and with that in hand, I am looking forward to entering into this fast boldly and whole-heartedly and I look forward to once again sharing my insights (daily, hopefully). If you’re a Believer, than I encourage you to fast, pray, and give regularly and as outlined in Matthew 6 not as a way to get something from God, but as a way to give something to God.