Year In Review

Wait, You Still Have 5 Days Left

It’s not quite the last day of the year, but I’m going to be very busy over the next week so I need to knock this post out before it gets to be the last-minute, so let’s get to it!


Started out very promising. Having joined Bridges of Hope Fellowship only a scant few months earlier, I was already into the thick of things. I found myself attracted to a young woman (well okay, that too happened a few months earlier but I had at this time only recently acknowledged such) that apparently I had went to high school with and, as I was to learn later, was friends with at least one of the folks I was acquainted with at the time. Funny how that works out. I believe I was in a Life Group (small group bible study at someone’s house), too.


It was kind of awkward, but I made it through the month without any major issues.


Participated in a 21 day fast from around the end of March to Easter.


Fast ended, in the end I only saw one thing I was fasting over come to fruition, though in all honesty I think at least one of the other things also came to fruition, just not as I thought it would. Praying that it is, however, in line with what God has in store for me.


My birthday is some time this month, managed to avoid people for the most part. The young woman from January has her birthday the day before mine.

June through August

I joined the summer months because they were full of hard work and building BOHF’s first permanent facility! The end of the building project saw one of the fast prayers from March/April come to fruition. Very cool.


Nothing really notable that I can remember. Life groups started up a bit late because of the building project but it was all good. Joined a new LG and enjoyed the company of good friends. I also started attending classes at TTC at McMinnville. I also step aside as Youth Leader as I fear not being able to give the Youth the time and attention they need, though I still feel a burden for the youth.


I believe this month we had our first God’s Harvest food drive. It was a rousing success without any sort of advertising. This seems to have set the tone for future food drives.


Well, aspirations of a relationship with the woman from January came to a crashing end, though they probably wouldn’t have had I paid more attention to what she was saying. We both started dating (not each other) and we both seem to be very happy with whom we are in relationships with. Praying for God to grow and guide us all and that we are humble enough to follow His lead and not our own.


This has been a pretty cool month, and not because of Christmas (although the celebration of Christ’s birth is always cool). Been spending a lot of time with my girlfriend, getting to know her, discover where she stands on issues and see how that meshes with my stance on things. Thus far God has blessed us both as there has been no cause for major disagreements on anything. Continuing to thank God everyday for bringing me Carla (my girlfriend), for my family, and for my very life (we are, after all, not promised tomorrow, hence why we call today the “present”). Of course without Christ’s obedient sacrifice on the cross, we wouldn’t even have that.

That pretty much sums it all up. I continue to be the churches web master and I’m always looking to God for other ways to serve Him. Of course I say that and then I run to pastor when I find myself in over my head and asking him how this stuff always seems to come to me. I need to remember that God is the one putting these people in my life. For whatever reason He may have, because I keep telling him, “Let me serve You however you see fit,” He keeps sending people and situations my way. Sometime over the past year I stepped up to try to be the Youth Leader for the church but I put that aside for reasons already stated. Right now one of the elder’s of the church is running the program and I think he’s doing a fantastic job. I definitely need training in this area if I still feel God’s calling in this matter when the time is right.

God has a way of showing us what we need to be doing right when we are needed the most. There’s been so much that has happened that I cannot share (for whatever reason), it’s mind-boggling everything I’ve personally been a part of and witnessed for myself. Like Mary did when Christ was first born, I guess those moments I will have to take in and treasure for myself. I’ve had some great moments shared with really wonderful people. I wouldn’t trade them for anything the enemy had to offer, even if it meant I got something I wanted. God gives me everything I need. I still have some wants, but I pray that they are shown as frivolous or granted by God in His time instead.

I hope all my readers have had a blessed year as well. If you are a believer, may God continue to bless your life; if you aren’t a believer, may His Holy Spirit move on your heart and you turn toward Him and be born again of the spirit.