What Have I Been Up To

I’ve been busy, is what I’ve been up to. I’m currently transitioning into a new position in the church (Youth Leader) while the current YL transitions out to lighten their own load (and believe me, this is a blessing for her). I’m not doing it just for that, though. I’ve always loved kids. They are our future. They are important to our society in every way that is imaginable. And now I feel God calling me into a more active role in my church. I believe this is where He wants me, so this is where I’m going. This isn’t the only thing that’s been keeping me busy though.

You Mean There Is More?

There is always more, from taking more responsibility in my shared home (7 people, don’t ask) to doing more with the church (as stated above, transitioning into YL and am already in charge of site updates) to looking for a day job, and I am looking for a day job (pray with me brothers and sisters that I get it, as I believe I will). I’ve also been busy networking. I’ve made some contacts with regards to web design. I’ve also got some responsibilities to a volunteer project I took on (more on that another day) and will complete, God willing. That’s a pretty busy schedule already but I also spend time on Facebook, either sharing the word or working politically (mostly the same as sharing the Word, I share news and videos about what’s going on, giving my opinion sometimes but most of the time I let it stand on its own).

Did You Say “Politics”

I sure did, and no Christian should shy away from politics, seeing as how all governments are set up by God in the first place (Romans 13:1-7). If all government is God approved and set up and God is the one who raises up the leaders, why shouldn’t Christians, who feel the tug of leadership in this area, take up this vocation? Personally I’d vote for a non-hypocritical Christian (sometimes called a “True Believer”) over a non-Christian with similar values and voting record any day. I am involved in politics in a limited way any way. I lean toward advocacy of positions and people and away from more direct involvement (such as running for office).

Pretty Busy Plate

While many people who know me say I spend too much time on Facebook (I really don’t, it only seems that way from the way I have my computer set up) or even online, I’m actually quite busy a good deal of the time. Couple that with trying to actually put time aside just for God and another piece of time for studying the Word and my day is pretty much taken up. Though I’m never too busy to put time aside for lunch or dinner with friends. After all, God did create us for community and if there is something that didn’t get done today, if I have a tomorrow it will get done then.