God Told You What?

In my walk with God, I’ve been told many things. It’s time to take the lead. She’s the one. Do this. Don’t do that. Wait for a little while until I say you’re ready. Study this. Study that. Don’t study this yet but take some time off. Study with this person. Study with that person. It really doesn’t matter about the details because it is between God and myself. Not God, you and myself. Not God, the entire eastern seaboard, 2/3rds of my family and some people who I know but are otherwise unrelated and myself. It is, after all, my walk with God. Not yours or theirs.

I Was Told To Lay It Aside

There are a lot of things that God has told me to lay aside so I can put my focus on Him. Secular music, role playing games, collectible card trading games. Those were all my idols. I gave them more time than they were worth. I was giving them more time than I was giving God. When God told me to put them aside permanently, I was already most of the way there.

I was already tired of the music. Loud, sometimes incoherent, and always about “Me me me me me” in some way or another. There were still some hold outs (I bought AC/DC’s latest album when it came out and haven’t listened to it since two weeks after), but I know the desire for them will fade as He continues to work in me on this.

I was told to give up drinking. Not because it was a problem in my life but because I needed to be an example for others. This has been hard for me because I like the taste of some beers and most harder alcohols (wine and champagne included). I also enjoyed cooking with them. I was still struggling with that one up until about two weeks ago. The situation that came up is not one I’m going to talk about, there is no reason to, but it is one that really showed me just why I need to be that example He wants me to be.

Gaming was a hard one. I’m heavily invested (probably close to $2k over the two games) in both of them. It was also something I enjoyed doing on a regular basis. But I had to give those up as well. Don’t take that as a condemnation against the game itself. This is just what God has told me to do so I can focus more on Him. It’s a personal thing.

If It’s So Personal, Why Share?

It’s come to my attention that choices I’ve made based on what God has told me to do has made others angry at me (seemingly). One acquaintance even told me that I was judging him, implying that I was doing so because of my choice and the reasons for them. Sorry? Come again? My choice has nothing to do with you, says nothing about you, and doesn’t involve you.

That’s part of why I’m sharing. This won’t stop all the issues people have with my choices, and I’m fine with that. I won’t even begin to list the possible reasons I think others would have such a problem. That would only serve to offend others and make them defensive. This isn’t what this post is for.

What I do hope to accomplish, though, is to get people to realize that when God tells you personally to do something you go do it. Others also need to realize that when an individual does follow God’s will, it’s not meant by that person to convict you, make you feel guilty, judge you, or otherwise make you feel bad. It’s a choice that person made to follow God’s will and not their own. I’m all about personal choice and responsibility. If my choice makes you feel any of the above, take a look at yourself and your relationship with God before you yell at me.

I love you guys, everyone of my friends, but I will eventually stop coming around or calling you even acquaintance if you can’t come to me with your issues. I’ll stop wanting to know about your day if you’re going to yell at me about my choices. You want to know something? I’m happy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been before. My life may not be perfect (and never will be) but I’ve got something I never had before and I don’t want to lose it. If that means giving up rock-n-roll, Rifts™, Magic: The Gathering™, and whatever else the good Lord says to give up, by golly that’s what’s going to happen.

May God bless you, every one.