So what keeps two teams playing for 7 hours and 10 minutes? What keeps coaches from giving up after the 15th inning? Three words: Drive, determination and dedication. Do we show that sort of drive, determination and dedication to God? If your preacher is given a word that requires longer than 45 minutes to preach, are you getting antsy after 45 minutes or are you just starting to get on fire? If you aren’t getting fired up, perhaps you need to rethink just how dedicated to God you are.


I know we are only human and we don’t all respond the same way to God’s word. God speaks to each of us in different ways. But like those ball players tonight, we need to be showing that we have the drive to learn more about Him, the determination to weather all trials with Him, and the dedication to never stop loving Him.

Don’t get me wrong. Even I fail on one or more of those at any given time. We are only human, after all.


But, it is Sunday (or Saturday,depending on your denomination). It is the day you are supposed to set aside for the Lord your God. The King of Kings. The Alpha and the Omega. He who was, who is, and who will be. Can we not give Him more than a tiny portion of our day? Can we not carve out even one day so that He can use it as He sees fit and not as we see fit?

I’d love to know that I can go to church on a Sunday and not have to worry about what time it is because I know the preacher will stop preaching when God stops pouring out. And if the preacher really is being poured into by God, by golly you’ll know it. He will manage to hit on what you need to hear and explain it as God sees fit to have him explain it.

Unfortunately we live in a culture that only gives God at most 2 hours, if even that, even on His day. Something I saw (I think it was from Max Lucado) on line the other day: The world didn’t crumble to dust when God took a day off, what makes us think it will if we take one off, too? Come on people. Shut down your businesses, take a day off and give it to the Lord your God. The Creator of the Universe. The one, true and living God. Don’t you think He’s earned it?