God In The Business World

There have been at least a few people I’ve come across, especially as of late, that say God and religion have no place in the work place or in business communications. I completely disagree.

God Does Have a Place

Not only does God belong in the workplace, He belongs anywhere you belong. Whether it’s a user-driven technical support mailing list, a Linux User Group (LUG) or at the office. It doesn’t matter what your role is, either. Are you a moderator on a list? Perhaps a new user? Or are you the CEO of a major company?

It doesn’t matter. God cares about what you care about. When you honor Him in your work and your lifestyle, He will honor you in return. It won’t be just physical blessings, either. Look at Chik-fil-A for an example of a Christian company that honors God. He is so important to the CEO of the company that Chik-fil-A’s around the nation are to be closed on Sunday so that the employees can spend time with family and God.

Exception to the Rule?

Chik-fil-A doesn’t have to be the exception to the rule, though. Yes, we all need work to pay off bills. It is, unfortunately, a necessity in this world. That doesn’t mean, though, that we need to work to the exclusion of all else. According to this article on Softpedia, we are most likely hardwired (meaning we were created that way) for an 8 hour work day. Not 10 or 12+ hours a day, and certainly not 7 days a week. Even the most die-hard work-a-holic will burn out on such a schedule.

Someone Has to Do the Job

Yes, there has to be someone to fill up those jobs else they will go somewhere else quicker than they are now (although some industries really cannot move far from home, so to speak). So work hard while you are young, do what you need to do to be able to provide for a family. Just don’t keep God out of the picture.

Pray as you work. On breaks, read your bible. Don’t give up social interactions though, as long as they remain wholesome. When you work give God your best. If you’re giving God your best, your employer will thank you because you’ll be working at your best for him, too.

What About Conflict With Coworkers?

There are going to be people, unfortunately, who think the simple act of you reading your bible, or displaying your faith on your clothing, is offensive. It could be an atheist or it could be someone of a different belief whether Jew, some other Christian denomination, Muslim, or even Buddhist. So how do you handle it? With grace, politeness, and love.

As Christians we are called to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ everywhere. Not just where it might be convenient or safe.

Work for the Lord, praise Him in all that you do, and when presented with the opportunity to witness, don’t speak from your own self but let God speak through you. You’ll be amazed at the power such witnessing will have on others. Will it get you in trouble with others? Possibly, but Christ never said following Him would be easy. We are told that those who hate Him will hate us also (John 15:18-21), so if they hate you because of Christ, rejoice in that and praise God for loving you so much that the enemy finds you enough of a threat to hate.

Share God with others. Do not be delinquent in sharing Christ with one person you come across.

Do you want to learn more about Christ? Do you want to know Christ’s love for you? If you have a Facebook account, check out God Loves You, a Facebook ministry for educating non-believers about Christ.