Taking Care of Our Homes

Being a good Christian, I believe, isn’t just about proselytizing, witnessing, and acting all goody-two-shoes. There’s also taking care of the resources God gives you. Good fiscal policy in the home. Good work ethic (to include a good attitude). Good housekeeping. There is also the matter of landscaping.

I know the word conjures up thousands of dollars spent on planting trees, gardens of flowers (and maybe veggies) and the like but it really doesn’t have to be that complex. It can be as simple as picking up sticks and mowing the yard once or twice a week (depending on how fast your grass grows or how big your yard is). Keeping what God gave you looking nice makes God happy. It’s part of being a good steward of all that is on this planet.

Of course after sin entered the world such stewardship became increasingly difficult. There are people who just don’t care. Than there are others who just don’t have the means. For those who don’t care, there isn’t much you can do. For those who don’t have the means, well, there is more than plenty we can do. Some of the things we can do to help (for free or a reduced price):

  • yard mowing
  • house keeping
  • extend pet care for those on trips
  • cooking (either brought in or cooked on site)

Those are just some of the things that we can do to help those who cannot help themselves. Perhaps you could even make a church ministry out of it, giving them a copy of your churches latest sermon or just sitting down to talk with them about God and Christ and our place in the whole picture.

Don’t think you pastors are excluded from this sort of thing, either. Perhaps with each new “customer” in the yard mowing, you can schedule an informal lunch with the head of the family. Just don’t be pushy. Don’t make that a requirement, make it a gift. You could even have the lunch scheduled for the first time the yard is mowed. Have your parishioners invite them to church, gently, with each time the yard is mowed. Even if they decline, they will get to see what it means to be a Christian.

Do be careful, though. Some might try to take advantage of such a free service and seek to (ab)use it to undercut the local yard mower, sitter, kennel or maid service. Serve those with a real need. They are going to be a greater witness than those just seeking to take advantage of a free or reduced price service.