No Promises

The only thing we are promised if we remain on the straight and narrow is heavenly treasure and eternity in perfect fellowship with each other and, more importantly, the Lord our God.

We aren’t promised an easy life. We are warned from the get go that it will be hard. We will be persecuted, attacked, hated, reviled and all because of Christ’s name. And this won’t be just from man, either. The enemy is out there, seeking to devour us as quickly as possible because he does not want God to get His due praise and glory. Also, we are human. Even as Christians we still sin. What’s important is how we handle this. Do we turn to God or do we turn away from God after we have been convicted of our sin. If we turn toward Him, and let Him lift us up we can have defeat over that which causes us to sin. We are to sin no more in that area so that He can focus on working us up to the point where we can make another improvement. It’s an ever ongoing project. We are just human after all.

What if we fall back into that sin which we have been convicted of? Perhaps you need to assess whether you turning away from it (and in turn toward God) was an honest, 110% effort on your part. Did you let God lift you up or are you trying to do this all on your own? If it’s the latter, then yes. We will fall back into the same old sins all over again until we let Him lift us up and start a work in us. He hates the sin but loves the sinner. We are His most precious creation, after all.

Have you been praying for something? Did you get it? Did you then fall back into some sin you claimed to have been convicted of? Perhaps it was an honest claim, but was it an honest effort to turn away from that sin? Only God knows our heart. He knows it better than we do! Until you “get it” He won’t reward you. He may even take away what He gave you. He’s done it to Israel plenty of times. Go through the Old Testament and count the number of times where Israel has been scattered, been put in bondage, or been a conquered nation. As you count, notice how many times they tried to do things on their own to get back to where they were. Then also notice that they only got back to where they belong when they let God put them there. God won’t treat us any differently. We are His peculiar people. We are all (Jew and Gentile alike) his chosen people. His singularly most precious creation. We are made in His image. No other creature of the earth comes close. We alone matter most to Him. For us alone He sent His only Son, Christ Jesus.

Don’t reject Him working in and through you. Don’t reject His saving grace. Don’t reject His gift to us and us alone. If He is convicting you of sin, take it from me. Do not wait until you are punished to turn away form it completely. Stop. Examine your life. Take the steps necessary to rid yourself of that sin. Give it up to God. Pray every morning. Put on that full armor. Do not let the enemy get to your weak spot. Walk in the full knowledge that God’s armor is impenetrable. Walk in the full knowledge that God has always got your back. Just accept His saving grace. Accept His son. Accept Him.

My Prayer

Dear heavenly Father,

You know that I have sinned. You know that I have struggled with this sin since the enemy brought me into it when I was but an ignorant youth. Let me be a shinning example of your grace, o heavenly Father. Lift up from me the burden of this sin. Take this rebellion away from me. Lift me up and make me perfect through Christ Your son. I know You have already forgiven me when I confessed to You o Lord my sin on Resurrection Day. You have forgiven me, now take this sin from me. I turn away from it, God. I praise You, Lord for showing me the error of my ways. As always, You have shown mercy and love. You have already shown me that the job You have taken from me was not meant to be final. You have something better for me that You want to make me ready for. I accept that. I accept that this next job will be just temporary until You are ready to show me something else, and when You are, you will close that door. Only You can open doors and only You can close them. All I can do is choose to walk through them. Give me Your next job, o heavenly Father. Lift me up and raise me up to what You need me to be. I have nothing that isn’t already Yours. In Jesus’ name I pray.