Christ Has Risen! Death Has Been Defeated!

Today we celebrate the most important aspect of Christ’s mission on earth. Dieing for our sins. Without that supreme sacrifice, without the innocent Lamb being willingly led to the slaughter, we would not have salvation and eternal life when we accept Him as our Savior.

Today is also the last day of the fast. Sin has been forgiven, and what a day to ask for that forgiveness. Our fast is over, but don’t go anywhere, anyone. We’re holding out our baskets and waiting for them to be filled, like when God — through Ezra — worked that miracle for the widow and her son with the oil. God provided not just enough for them to get by, but enough to take care of all their debt AND for them to live on the money from the rest comfortably. All they had to do was believe that God would work through Ezra. God is supremely sufficient in all ways forever!

Such as it is with this fast. Apparently what I thought I should be praying about was not what God wanted me to pray about. Figures! But I listened! I heard you loud and clear today God! I had to take furious notes at church (times 2!) but I was listening, and I am literally bursting with joy!

Day 21

It started as soon as I woke up this morning. After I spent some time with God while I cleaned up for the day, I was able to share a wonderful breakfast with my family. What I was afraid wouldn’t be enough turned out to be more then sufficient. I should have seen the rest coming! Haha! God blessed me with being able to make scratch-gravy (used butter and bacon fat and flour to start the roux, add milk to desired thickness), scratch-made baking soda drop biscuits, Hormel black label maple bacon, Country pride sausage patties, and fried (in EVOO and a cast iron skillet) potatoes. It was beautiful and tasty. I forgot to pay attention to one pan of bacon and that went to the dogs (as did the left over bacon fat), but ya know what, they are family and get to celebrate too!

The real celebration, though, was at church today. As I made my way to church (thanks to the loving Cook family), God started percolating up inside me and by the end of service I was BURSTING! I could hardly contain myself, but I knew I had to. God has revealed the path He wants me to take in one matter. Now I pray for the boldness to go forth and do as He says, that my own voice goes mute and I speak with His words only, and that His will be done in all things: job, family, and relationships.

And He still wasn’t done! I get home and tell my father that service was awesome and he begins to talk to me about church and God and all of that and I wind up witnessing to him for two straight hours! Praise God! He’s even told me that he’s looking for a new church. Keep praying people of Bridges of Hope, God is hearing his people and answering their prayers!

Pray also that God brings to me, in His perfect timing, the spouse He has chosen for me. This whole fast, and really before that, He has been putting people in my life and bringing pieces of scripture to my attention in order to prepare me for when He works on the heart of the woman He has chosen for me. He wanted me to be ready so that there would be no doubt and hesitation on my part. God has chosen us both already. Pray that she is so moved too.

That brings me to something God gave me while at church (haha, He knows I could do the double note-taking, hehe).

It’s not so much what He told me as what He has lain on my heart to share, so bear with the tense shift please.

I reject everything that is in this world and only accept what You give me.

I reject all things of this world. You alone are sufficient! I accept Your will for me; Your job for me (whatever it is); the woman You have chosen for me. I give up and reject my family for Your family. I reject their will for Your will.

I beg of You Lord, in me fulfill Your promise for me. Give to me, as unworthy and imperfect as I am, what You see fit to give me.

To the woman You have chosen for me I say this.

If you looking for perfection, I am not it; only in Christ am I worthy for anything. Only in Him am I made perfect. I do my best but I fall short of anything. If you are waiting for beautiful, I am not it. I am only an ugly sinner washed clean in His blood. If you are waiting for riches, I have none in this world. I am but a poor man whose only riches lie in Heaven above. God gives me enough to live in this world and I accept His will. If you are waiting for true love, now that I have but only because God gave it to me to go give to you.

God also had this to share with me.

It inside me is a love so strong
God gave it to me I know its not wrong

A love so strong I want to cry
Christ’s live, enough to die

To you and God alone I do give
This love inside me that is so big

Christ died for us the church
For my love for Him and you my heart does lurch

Christ on that hill to show
How big His love for us does grow

To encompass all the east and west
His love for us the best

In comparison to my love for Him my love is small
But, I believe, God gave it to me so for you I can give it all.

I can hardly wait to see what else God has for me to share.