To All Things There Season Is A Season

Everything on Earth has been given a time to exist. Because of man sinning, he brought death to the entire world. From the time Adam and Eve sinned against God until we, as believers, go to be with Him in Eternal life there is death.

So is it with this fast. On this last day of the fast, I have found it exceedingly difficult to remain on it, especially since I’ve purchased some stuff for the beginning of next week (tomorrow I’m making scratch gravy, maple bacon, sausage, eggs, and biscuits for breakfast). I’m also in the process of trying to get back in sync with God. I want to be on the same page He is on. I want to be in His footsteps, not beside them. He leads, I follow. You get the idea.

Unfortunately I think I’ve hurt some relationships. Too much time spent out today (from being picked up at work to getting home) and I missed an appointment with my Life Group that I really wanted to keep. Part of it was my fault for not keeping up with the time better.

Day 20

As this day draws to a close and signals the end of the fast, I am awaiting on God to begin showing me what He can as I seek to put myself back in alignment with His will. I feel as if I’ve been out of line since last week Friday, though I had a small adjustment this past Sunday, but on Wednesday; well everything went out of whack that day. Since then, I’ve found it difficult to hear His voice.

Day 21

You know, I think I’ve really bummed up the counting. Pastor has today at 21, but I still am counting tomorrow as such. Perhaps someone can help me figure out if I did anything wrong?

If we are counting today as the 21st day, then I’m praying I’m back in line with God so I can hear what He has to say with an open, unencumbered heart. Even if we are counting tomorrow as the 21st day, I’m praying for the same.

Dear God, break through these bonds that are keeping me from you. Remove the mufflers that are deafening your voice. Get rid of all the obstacles that are between You and I. I want to be all for you and no one and nothing else. My job is Yours. My money is Yours. My relationships are Yours. My love is Yours. My life is Yours. All that I have, it is Yours. Take from me what You will and leave me with the rest. It is all Yours and I give it all freely and wholeheartedly. I know I will fall from time to time, but I know I just need to look up to see your smiling, loving face and take the proffered hand so I can get back up. Only You can lift me up, O Lord. Only you can make me whole and complete. Only you can choose all the things in my life that need choosing. You choose my food, my drink, my spouse, my children (if I ever have any, and I know if it is your will, I will have kids), everything. You chose my job for me, you chose my pay for me. I believe You even chose the hours I work. I love you God, and I only want more of you. In Christ’s holy name I pray. Amen.