Ever Made A Mistake?

Well, it seems as if I snafu-ed several posts back. Somehow I have miscounted the days. Today should be 18, tomorrow 19 and Saturday 20 and Sunday 21. I’m not sure what’s going on with my counting. Perhaps DeWayne could help me figure out where I’ve miscounted.

That’s ok, though. Whether or not I’ve miscounted, God knows how long I’ve been participating in this corporate fast. Just like my other mistakes, I just need to pick up and move on and keep going forward while learning from the experience. Just like when I accepted Christ as my savior. It’s time to pick up, move on, and learn from the past. It is time to open up my heart and mind for what God is about to do in my life. I’ve learned from my past mistakes and I do my best to avoid repeating them.

God knows we aren’t perfect though and that we continue to make mistakes, sometimes even the same ones.

Day 18

Today was exhausting and I didn’t get to do the things I wanted to. Perhaps it’s for the best, though. I socialized a little outside of a church setting, but still continued in my walk with Christ. Tonight I’m staying up a bit later as I don’t have to be into work so early tomorrow though I’m only moving my alarm up one hour. Even though I tried napping earlier, I didn’t get anything restful (and even an earful of being poked fun at) so I’m just as tired as I was before.

God is continuing to work on me in wondrous ways, even if I fell back a little this morning. I’m getting better at that one aspect of my God-improvement plan. As I allow Him to continue to work in me and through me, I will continue to get even better at it. I’ll never be perfect though. I am only human after all.

Day 19

We are closing quickly on the end of the fast, Day 21 is almost upon us! Tomorrow is going to be spent doing the Lord’s work just about all day. I start off at my new job, from 6 probably to noon and then move on to handing out little packages of joy in a small effort to show God’s love in a practical way. Seems as if tomorrow is going to be an awesome day for it, too. I’ll be changing into shorts after work.

Time to get these yankee leg’s some color! I do have to look good in my swim trunks, after all. ;)