Fasting Day 10 & 11


Working For the Lord

I finally have even more reason to give God praise and glory, with this new job I have, I can contribute back in a way uniquely mine. Of course there is my tithes and offerings to consider, but what in what other ways can I give back? Well for one I can be a witness through my actions to my coworkers. The way I talk and act should reflect what God has done in me through Christ. If I’m being an effective witness, I won’t have to put any extra effort into it because I’m already used to living life that way.

My work isn’t for the owner of that restaurant. It isn’t for the customers we will have. It is for God, so that others can come to know Him by seeing what He has done in me. Without Him, I am nothing and have nothing. Dear God, please work through me!

Day 10

The day was really good. Dylan had a great “party” of sorts, even though we all were working and busy doing things. Even though I wasn’t able to pray, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t talking to God. The day may not have gone like I wanted, but it did go and God was good. I almost broke my fast by accident, though. Birthday cake and a forgetful me are a bad combination. I’m trying to not think of myself as a failure, but only as being continuously tested. I pray that I’m passing.

Day 11

This day is pretty much like yesterday, except that I’m doing more talking to God. There is now a lot of ancillary cleaning to be done as a result of yesterday’s shed cleaning activities. Progress is being made and I hope to be done with most of the ancillary cleaning by tomorrow. After tomorrow, I’ll only have Sunday’s and Monday’s to do anything without being tired from work.

Fasting Day 9 & 10

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Dare to Praise God

As Christians, we have so much to be thankful for aside from the very important event that defines us. Christ’s death on the cross. The perfect blood sacrifice offered up for all of our sake. Not only has God chosen us, but we have accepted His will in our lives. Yes, we still have our struggles and they are all important to God as long as we keep Him the center of our lives, but what about giving Him our praise? Do we just do that during Sunday morning worship? Or do we (and should we) give Him praise without ceasing.

Did you just get a job that you’ve been praying for? Where is His praise when you tell all your friends and relatives about the job? Did you just get the raise that you’ve been praying about? Did you praise God after you received that raise? How about the spouse that you’ve been praying for God to bring to you? Have you praised Him for bringing that person into your life?

Today God has answered one of the things I’ve been praying for not just since this fast began, but since I came to know Him the way I know Him today. Here is my song of praise. I’m shouting it from the mountaintop to the bottom of the valley and from sea-to-shining-sea.

Dear God,

You have given me so much in my life. From the littlest trinket to the greatest of Your blessings. I know you have so much more to give as long as I remain faithful. Dear God, I don’t know how I lived without You, and now that You are part of my life I will never leave.

Love Always,


Day 9

The day ended really good. I was able to study in the word for longer than I have for the last couple of days. I am praising God for that. He gave me the boldness to just go ahead and spend that time in the Word and He took care of everything else.

Day 10

Just under halfway through the fast and God is still answering prayers! Today I received a job from Him. I start at a new restaurant in town Friday morning at 4 am. Just when I’m desperate enough to leave it in His hands completely, He delivers just when I need it most. Praise God! I am still seeking His guidance and direction in the other areas that I’m praying about.

Fasting Day 8 & 9


Where Is Your Trust

People today place their trust in a lot of places. We find our trust being placed in money, cars, businesses, even our government; but where does our trust really belong? Our trust belongs in God, in whom all things are possible. The bible is rife with examples of what happens when you stop trusting in the Lord. He removes his blessings from you. This doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you, it’s just his way of letting you know that you have indeed rejected Him. Trust in God. Only He can provide what all those other things seem to promise.

Day 8

Sunday was beautiful, even if it was rainy. God moved in His house of worship. He moved in His people and His people are feeling it. I was able to spend more time with Him than I have been able to since about day 6 and I plan on ramping that up even more back to where it needs to be.

Day 9

It’s snowing! God is wonderful. He shows us every day that we still have a lot to learn. Today I’m bringing my bible with me as I go out looking for work. I know I’ll be able to spend time in the word with Him no matter where I am. Today I am fully seeking His blessings as I look for work. Praising God for His awesomeness and asking for Him to move in the lives of this country’s leaders. We need God to bless this nation like He did before. I ask that you all pray with me today that God’s will for this nation be done, regardless of what we might try and do to the contrary.

Fasting Day 7 & 8

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Words of Encouragement

Encouraging fellow believers is one of the most basic things that we as Christians need to be doing. Instead of tearing each other down over denominational differences (which I believe are of the enemy) or the color of the carpet (or any other trivial thing). God’s word is God’s word. His interpretation is the only interpretation we need or should ask for. When you find a church or fellow believers that encourage you — and not always with pretty words that make you feel good, but by lovingly convicting you of sin in your life and helping you to live closer to God — stay with it or them! Be encouraged by their words and actions and learn to follow in God’s will by doing the same when you are ready!

Day 7

It was another loss, not a complete one, but one none-the-less. That’s it for me, though. With the encouragement of my brothers and sisters, with God’s word today fresh in my mind I will not be defeated! I draw the line today and I will toe it and I just dare the enemy to cross it. I am a child of God and I will not be stymied in my efforts to draw closer to the Lord. This fast isn’t about eating healthier, it isn’t about starvation. It is about focusing on God so that He is all I see. All I think about. All I know. That would be perfection. That won’t happen in this life, I know, but that is what we all need to move toward when we fast.

Day 8

Today started out really good. Went to church to worship God, not out of any sort of need to perform ritual, not from any need to do what others are doing, and not even just out of obedience. I went to church to worship God because I wanted to make sure He knows I love Him and all He’s done for me. That is going to be my focus for the rest of the day, my love for Him.

Recipe of the Day

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Red Beans and Rice with Diced Potatoes

1/2 cup of dried red beans
1 cup of brown rice
Cayenne Pepper
1 small sprig Rosemary
2 small potatoes
2 cups water

Take the red beans out early and soak them for at least 2-3 hours. Once they are soaked, rinse and continue with recipe.

Take the potatoes and dice them into about 1 inch cubes (about bite size). Put them in a small baking pan.

Take the Rosemary and finely chop it until it’s almost a powder (it doesn’t have to be uniform). Set aside.

Put rice in a pot with some EVOO, salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika (hot or mild is up to you), tarragon – all to taste – and 2 cups of water. Set aside.

Season the potatoes as you did the rice, setting aside the rest of the rosemary (I had some left, you might want to use it all) in the fridge until future use. The leftover rosemary should be good for up to a week. Place the potatoes in the oven at 450 for 35 minutes.

Take the red beans and put on to boil for about 20-30 minutes until desired tenderness. Drain most of the water and then add to rice. Set rice and beans to boil for about 10 minutes, then lower to a low boil (not a simmer). Depending on when you started boiling the red beans the rice will get done after the potatoes.

Praise God and enjoy!

Fasting Day 6 & 7

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Keeping the Proper Focus

In today’s world there are so many distractions to what is most important that it can be very hard to tell someone (or even yourself), No, enough is enough. I’m putting my focus back on what it needs to be on regardless of what you want. Don’t let yourself lose focus on the goal while you are fasting. Even while God is revealing His will to you, don’t let that lose your focus for the rest of the fast. Continue strong in the word and in prayer. If you are finding it hard to do in your current situation, perhaps you should consider changing that situation if you can.

Day 6

Yesterday was a complete loss, in my opinion. I allowed myself to be kept from the word, prayer and God in large part by those around me and in small part by myself when I did have time to myself. I can be as fully committed to the food part of it as I want but without the rest, as my pastor says, than it’s just a really harsh diet. I’d rather be fasting than dieting.

Day 7

Today I’m recommitting myself to staying in the word, in prayer, and in communion with God almighty. May He grant me strength and remove the road blocks in my way to keeping to the spirit of the fast.

Fasting Days 5 & 6

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Fasting isn’t just about spiritual renewal. It’s about drawing closer to God then you were before. As one of the three disciplines outlined by Christ that every Christian should follow, we should all be fasting when we feel the need to draw even closer to God. Of course don’t expect nothing to happen. If you are honest in your reasons for fasting and honest and steadfast in your fast, God will pour out into you. Be prepared for it! It can be overwhelming. Just don’t forget to give God the glory and praise. Even if your fast shows you His will and it’s opposite what you were wanting, praise Him! If you’re honest to yourself, you’ll accept that apparent negative revelation to your need. Live in God’s will and not your own.

Day 5

Day 5 finished out without any new revelation, but I’m still pressing forward because it is after all only the 5th day. I’m still feeling closer to God then I ever have before and that in and of itself is reward enough. I’m still studying the word as He is still drawing me to Ephesians. I’m having to really rely on God to keep me from temptation with the food aspect of it now. I’m starting to really miss milk and meat and bread. The sacrifice is worth it, though. A closer relationship to God is worth any sacrifice and every effort.

Day 6

Still having issues with missing food. I’m trying not to eat too much as I’m on a very limited budget and still have two more weeks to go starting Sunday (the 21st). Today I haven’t been in the word as much as I’ve been reflecting on God and what He has revealed to me thus far. I’m also seeing people come back into my life that I thought I would never see or hear from again and some of that started even before I started fasting! I do believe this to be an ongoing thing with God as I learn to be a better Christian, but certain people I’ve looked for before and have only just now found even though they’ve been there the entire time.

I do believe God will restore friendships if both people haven’t hardened their hearts to each other. So who knows. Perhaps I’ll start finding even more folks I used to know.

As I continue on into day 6 and get ready for day 7, I am going to remain faithful no matter what happens. God has already done so much when I was only a little willing to let him move in my life, how much more can He do as I continue to open my life to Him and put aside my own wants and needs.

My personal prayer for today is one of praise and thanks. I have nothing else to ask of God. So much He has already done for me, what else can I ask for? Perhaps God has already even revealed to me the job He wants for me and I’m just being obtuse because I’m not believing it fully. I hope not, I hate being obtuse (I’m fairly partial to oviod, though).

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