“It’s The End of the World As We Know It”

There are so many doom sayers and supposed prophets that try to claim one day or another will be the end of the world. Nostradamus and his followers say it’s 12 December 2012. So when is the end of the world? Well, we just don’t know. Christ Himself has implied that we won’t know when, but when He does come we will surely know it. So why are people so enamored by these false prophets who claim to know the end of the world by signs not from God? Is it because we’re just really curious? Perhaps. But why? Why does the end of the world enamor so many people? Perhaps it’s because they know, deep down, just where they are going. Those who believe and are faithful will go with Christ. Those who don’t and weren’t, won’t.

I don’t concern myself with the end of the world. I try not to concern myself with tomorrow. Today has enough troubles of its own to consume my attention.

Day 16

A very slow, boring day. I’m starting to really struggle with staying in any of my studies. I keep on saying, “Tomorrow I will do better.” But why not do better today? Tomorrow might not come and then where will I be?

Day 17

Another day, more procrastination. The days are growing short and the time will come where there will be no more days. What will I do then? If I wake up tomorrow (and I pray that I will), I will be taking my bible with me to work so that I might study afterward (I will be heading to the church and probably spend the day with pastor if it’s OK with him). I had other plans, but lack of planning on someone else’s part has changed those for me. That’s ok though. I can work around that. God probably has something else planned for me tomorrow anyway. There is never a time like the present, the right here and now, to start living in His will and for His will.