Waiting On God

God has shown time and again that He will move in His own time. Just look at the span of time between promising Abraham and Sarah a child and promising to make Abraham the father of all nations and Him actually fulfilling that (Abraham’s attempt at taking the lead not-with-standing). As far as I can tell, even between Abraham trying to take the lead and fathering Ishmael with Hagar and God fulfilling His promise to Abraham with a child from Sarah (Isaac) there is at least 10 years. If Abraham could remain faithful for another 10 years after his own attempt at helping God fulfill His promise, surely we can do the same.

I know it’s hard to not try and help God. We do it every time we make a decision without His input. In some things He’s ready to move almost as soon as we ask. In other things, He waits because He wants us to have patience and true reliance in Him. Don’t be the Abraham that fathered Ishmael with Hagar and be the Abraham that waited on God for Isaac from Sarah. Have faith and take heart, God fulfills all his promises!

I’m about halfway done with my Ephesians study, though I plan on going back over it again and again, even after I’m done fasting, because I want to make sure I pick up on every little thing God is trying to tell me. There is a lot to Ephesians and right now I’m going through and picking out the very first things that pop for me. I believe those are areas that He wants me to study in more detail on. Praising God for his awesomeness!

Day 15

Had an awesome word from the Lord during service on Sunday. I pray that I’m back on track for living and following in His will. That is all I really want from life. Yes, I would like to get married, and yes, there is someone I know that I would really like that to happen with but God may have different plans. I need to give up my own desires so that I’m ready when God finally does reveal His way for me. Whether it be 10 days or 10 months or 10 years from now. I believe this to be my time of testing in this matter. God knows where my heart is, but is it where His heart for me is?

Day 16

Because of how God is acting in the life of my bible study partner, I have decided that it would be best if we took this week off so she could focus in what God is telling her and drawing her toward in the Bible. God should always be first in our lives. Starting as of yesterday, I’m doing my best to bring Him back to number 1 in mine.