Adventures in…Marriage?

God has used this fast to bring me up in His word so much. While there is still a lot I do not understand, I am finding it easier to gain that understanding every time I study the Bible. One of the things that God has been pointing out to me in no uncertain terms is how I’m not only supposed to be a Godly man, but a Godly spouse as well.

Marriage is between one man and one woman. Marriage is forever. Marriage is an equal partnership. In marriage two become one and each have equal claim over the others being. Marriage is holy because God Himself created it long before there were any governments over man. Long before there were false religions and teachings. Marriage isn’t sexual perversion. Marriage isn’t between two of the same sex. Marriage isn’t the man dominating and subjugating the woman into a subservient position. Of marriage it is said that it is a fool of a man who doesn’t take into consideration the advice of his wife.

I can’t say that I understand all of it fully, or that I’ve even already incorporated those ideas completely into my way of thinking. Some of those are truly difficult concepts, especially coming from the background I do.

Day 12

God is continuing to work on my soul and bring me into a firmer standing of His word. I believe these past few days have been a test of my faith in Him and the armor He provides for every believer. I like to think I’m doing well, but only He can say for sure.

Day 13

First day on the new job and I didn’t falter in the fast! That was an accomplishment for me, considering I’m cooking all the food and, as any good cook knows, you have to taste what you are cooking. I’ve been able to get away without having to do so for now, but it will be a relief when I can taste what needs to be (and can be) tasted before being prepared for a customer.

I am a firm believer in the proper seasoning of food before it goes out, but in the culture of the county I live in, you can literally over-season food (even though to you it might not be) for the people around here. It’s a challenge learning to go with the less is more in this case. Of course that could also go for other aspects of my life, too. Sometimes less really is more, but you need proper discernment.

God is preparing me up for something great, I can just feel it. I just need to continue to be a faithful and willing servant of God and Christ Jesus. I will never be led wrong if I do.