Keeping the Proper Focus

In today’s world there are so many distractions to what is most important that it can be very hard to tell someone (or even yourself), No, enough is enough. I’m putting my focus back on what it needs to be on regardless of what you want. Don’t let yourself lose focus on the goal while you are fasting. Even while God is revealing His will to you, don’t let that lose your focus for the rest of the fast. Continue strong in the word and in prayer. If you are finding it hard to do in your current situation, perhaps you should consider changing that situation if you can.

Day 6

Yesterday was a complete loss, in my opinion. I allowed myself to be kept from the word, prayer and God in large part by those around me and in small part by myself when I did have time to myself. I can be as fully committed to the food part of it as I want but without the rest, as my pastor says, than it’s just a really harsh diet. I’d rather be fasting than dieting.

Day 7

Today I’m recommitting myself to staying in the word, in prayer, and in communion with God almighty. May He grant me strength and remove the road blocks in my way to keeping to the spirit of the fast.